Online Gambling Strategies

Gambling strategies are increasingly popular among casual gamblers, particularly in casino games like video poker, blackjack and roulette. Scroll down for some tips on gambling with a strategic intent – in some of the web’s hottest gaming niches……..

Roulette gambling systems
Roulette is a growing part of the online gambling sector, mainly because it is very easy to play the game with strategies – thanks to the opportunity to gamble with ‘even money’ wagers. Gambling is all about probability and the high strike rate of even money betting means systems can be used to try and remove the house edge. Check out the Martingale System, as an example of a very popular online gambling strategy:

> Gamble on red/black with 1 unit stake
> Win – re-start the chain
> Lose – bet again on the same gamble, with a double credit bet
> Keep doubling-up on your next bet, until you win
> note: you have a great chance of winning inside 5-6 bets, but be warned this system occasionally fails, so bank management is critical to your success!

Blackjack gambling strategies
When it comes to genuine gambling strategy – blackjack is the world’s most infamous game, with legendary card counters able to beat the casinos by analysing the pack for advantageous angles of attack. Online gambling fans can also use toned-down blackjack strategies, such as making specific moves in key gambling zones – such as knowing precisely when to double down, as outlined below…..


– The dealer has a 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 cards = 10 or 11
– The house card is 3, 4 , or 6 and you hold an Ace and numbered card

Hold the single wager:

– The casino has a face-up card worth 10 or a face

Video poker gambling systems
Video poker is a next generation strategic gambling options for web gamblers – delivering a volatile but strategically predictable gaming environment. If you learn precisely how to hold and discard with skilled analysis, you could soon get an edge that delivers some impressive results. Video poker gambling systems are freely available on the Internet.

Sports gambling systems
Successful sports gambling is all about finding value bets – in other words, selections which are over-priced when compared to their true chances of winning. There are numerous ways to get a gambling edge in sports, and there are literally hundreds of gambling systems available to web surfers.

Skilled online gambling is a real option for all levels of gamblers – so never be afraid to experiment and develop your skills.

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