Chinese Beliefs and Gambling


The people of China are naturally superstitious human beings. They follow certain sets of concepts that allow good luck to pass through. This is true in almost every thing that they do. Since the success of the Chinese in just about every kind of business there is has become imminent, people from other parts of the world started to believe that their superstitions have such a strong basis.

Chinese superstition applied to gambling is no longer a surprise. As it has been established, even the smallest of things can be an act of superstition for a serious gambler. Whether they have a basis or not does not matter. What is important is that they worked successfully for the most part.

Most of the Chinese beliefs applied to gambling are based on age-old concepts that are believed to have brought good luck in more ways than one. This involves the choice of numbers and some specific behaviors.

The Chinese people are very much into numbers. Almost every numeric symbol has a meaning. Primarily, the number 8 is considered lucky. Its infinite structure is relative to prosperity based on Chine beliefs. On the contrary, the number 4 is mostly avoided basically because it is related to negativity or death. Any combination with the number 8, especially those with 3, 6, and 9 are considered to be lucky numbers for any gambler. The concept of number 8 in Chinese numerology is the same concept that gave birth to the famed casino site

Chinese are also singled out to carry out behaviors that they believe attract lady luck to be on their side. For one, they do not count money while they are in the casino. They consider that unlucky. They also do not engage in sexual encounters and in women in general as a preparation for a good winning streak. Red is a lucky color for Chinese people and they also have the belief that wearing an underwear in this color is lucky.

There are a lot of other beliefs that Chinese people take into practice to attract luck and avoid misfortune. One of them is avoiding coming across with a monk or a nun before a game. Another is choosing the hotel rooms cautiously, making sure that the number 4 is not present. Chinese people also do not go through the main entrance of the casino because they believe that it is cursed.

Such Chinese beliefs may appear to be absurd but it worked for them and that is all that matters.

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