Casino Measures To Discourage Gambling Addiction

Because occurrence of gambling addiction is undeniably growing and it is a fact that casino is one of the most common venue that harbor gambling, many casinos are making a move to prevent gambling addiction in their establishments.

As much as the primary aim of casino is to provide entertainment, it is unavoidable that their establishment could also encourage the troublesome growing cases of gambling addiction. Because of this, many casinos devise a strategic plan to counteract excessive gambling in their establishments.

One of the safeguarding measures they take to prevent gambling problems to occur among their patrons is the implementation of self ban. But this is a weak measure taken for big casino establishments because there is no way for their staff to identify persons who registered themselves for self ban since the only way they could identify a player is when they cash out a big winning where an identification is required. The wide area to cover by their staff would provide inconvenience to scrutinize each casino players in the vicinity. In smaller casino establishments however this strategy sometimes works because their staff can easily recognize regular players with a considerable smaller area to patrol.

There are many suggested counter measures that some casino randomly implement in order to minimize the progression of an entertainment gambler to a compulsive gambler. One is to require I.D. upon casino entry. This will efficiently identify underage gamblers and those who registered for self ban. Playing machines have a timed clock to limit each game by each player, enhanced with technology tools that show how much winning and losses of each player. Break periods can be programmed into a playing machine where the player will be forced to stop playing for a determined period of time.

A monthly statement is also sent to gamblers to show their losses and wins. This is usually monitored by casinos in order to offer comps. It also serves as a self-evaluation tool for a gambler to identify the course of his gambling activities. Banning of cashing personal checks and pay checks in order to encourage gamblers to bring only money they can afford to lose. If checks are accepted there should be a maximum amount allowed. Credit cards should also be limited because players who usually use credit cards are identified to be the compulsive gamblers.

Harm utilization technologies are utilized by casinos such that it will slow the speed of the play and limit the amount of money to be played for a period of time and clock machines to show the duration a player have spent playing. All these measure are taken into considerations by casinos in their desire to counteract the disturbing growth of gambling addiction.

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